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Exams are nearly over and another project is underway

So, as many of you know I work as a private tutor. I teach maths, English and science to children, teenagers and people with hopes and dreams. I mostly do maths, which surprises most people with my degree being in English Literature, but I am an absolute maths whiz.

If you were in any kind of education with me, you’ll probably know that exams were easy for me. I got full marks in one AS exam, and 90% in another one, and often it was my coursework that that let me down, so working solely with GCSE students on exams it feels great when I get the positive texts that tell me they think they have gotten around 30-50% on their higher maths paper (especially when some of them sat the Edexcel paper that went viral yesterday!). This may seem a little low, and you may wonder why less than half of the marks is good, but it only takes around 30% to nail a C. And with the six students I put through maths GCSE this year, only two were sitting the exam for the first time in year 11, and the majority of my students speak English as an additional language.

Results day is just over two months away, so nervous as I am, I’m sure my students are definitely worrying more! I’m just hoping that my 100% pass rate stands for everyone’s sake!

Now that exams are getting out of the way (only Paper 2 maths on Monday), I will be throwing myself into the secondary project that I have been working on alongside my tuition. For my primary students in particular, I write all my own work sheets. Often I will work from books designed to complement the National Curriculum at home, but I have developed quite a knack for writing worksheets for both maths and English, for my students in Key Stage 2. I am hoping to put these together on a website that will help parents access work for their children if they are struggling in a certain area, or if they want a challenge.

On top of this, I am planning to write out various analyses to GCSE and A Level texts that are clear and understandable (especially to EAL students), as well explaining how to tackle some of the harder questions on the maths exams – something that many of my students feel the internet is lacking when they have sought help alone.

As well as working with students up to GCSE, I work with students sitting the QTS Numeracy and Literacy tests, and have got quite the stash of worksheets and advice to upload because I know that for many who haven’t done any numeracy work in particular since year 11 they can be extremely difficult.

So if I’m quiet online or in life, just know, I’m probably attached to my laptop somewhere trying to organise all the work I’ve been doing for the last two years into a website, or helping someone’s child tackle a particularly fiendish word problem!