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My Live Well For Less Challenge

Has anyone else been watching the BBC1 show ‘Eat Well For Less’ in which Greg Wallace, Chris Bavin and Lucy Jones (the nutritionist) help families to shave a fortune off their weekly food shop? I have been gripped by it for the last two weeks, and spend most of the time sitting there shouting at the screen “how the heck do you spend £360 a week on shopping?” and “why are you going food shopping 17 times a week?” These aren’t even exaggerations, but are actually taken from the two families featured so far.

I don’t have children and I live alone, so my income only needs to be spent on me. I’m not a brand heavy person, and if you looked in my kitchen right now the only thing that is expensive really is my coffee, because I am a coffee snob. Instant coffee has to be Azera, and a 100g tub will set you back £4.99 at full cost, compared to the £1 of coffee that I could get just by switching to a cheaper brand. But seeing as I don’t go through coffee too quickly at the moment, I am happy to maintain that this is the nicest coffee, and it is better to gain a saving by buying it on offer (currently £3 for the 100g tub in Tesco). The only tea that I drink is herbal or fruit, and my favourite tea is Twinings Strawberry and Mango, currently on offer at Tesco “2 for £2.50”, instead I opted for a 90p own brand Peppermint tea (second favourite flavour) in the hope that it would have a good enough flavour to satisfy my taste buds. So I am willing to try new brands.

Over the next week, I am going to keep all receipts and log every penny spent that goes beyond rent and utilities. Every dash to Tesco on the way home and even nipping into a newsagent for a drink will be logged so that I can see how exactly I can find savings in my week. I estimate that I spend £25 per week on groceries – so here’s hoping that I am not wildly out!

First order of business is definitely going to be to complete and inventory of everything in the kitchen cupboards and freezer already, so that I am not needlessly buying (I already know I have lots of tinned tomatoes and passata).

Feel free to get involved and complete your own Live Well for Less Challenge and see how much you can save! If you’re joining in, leave a comment below or send me a link to your own blog!