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Why My Live Well for Less Challenge Failed

You may recall that I undertook a challenge to save money whilst eating well, following the Slimming World plan. Well, it turned out that supermarket shopping was not my downfall. I kept looking at different receipts trying to work out why I wasn’t handed the answers. I make two visits a week to supermarkets – mostly because I don’t drive, as I have to carry my food shop a mile home from the supermarket. But, if you know me well, you’ll know that I will happily carry a good 20kg of shopping home before I’ll consider calling a taxi. So I guess what the outcome here is is that I am not going to blog about saving at the supermarket.

I have not gained nothing however, I have changed my approach to the money in my purse and so little impulses like a latte that I don’t need are getting cut. Anything smaller than £1 in my purse at the end of the day is put in a tin. This has generally meant that I am more hesitant to just haphazardly break into a note, it also means the guy in the corner shop is less than pleased when I go to top up the electric with a variety of coins every other week!