Capaldi’s Debut

Tonight Doctor Who fanatics were treated to 80 minutes of adventure. And it was an adventure!

A lot of fans of the show were initially hesitant about Peter Capaldi taking on the 51 year old character, largely because few of us have seen him in a long term role where he doesn’t swear every other word (The Thick of It). So whilst he was undoubtedly Scottish (never a bad thing) he was still The Doctor that we know, and I guess that was largely helped by Matt Smith and his surprise appearance where he reassured Clara, and the viewers at home, that this person that we saw, gallivanting around the TARDIS, was still him, still the Doctor.

But enough about him…

The Paternoster gang are perhaps my favourite regulars. Not only do I love the fact that there exists and inter-special, same-sex marriage in Victorian England (Madame Vastra and Jenny, in case you missed it) but Strax is undeniably the most hilarious character on TV. He is the only character that I appreciate mis-gendering other characters, his default setting is war and he has literally no tact. On my re-watch (hopefully on the train on Monday) I will make note of my favourite Strax quotes that I will share on a different blog.

But what I will say of Series’ 8’s start is that we are about to see the show take a turn that we are not familiar with. There is adventure and youth present, but there is also a darkness that we haven’t seen in Christopher Ecclestone, David Tennant or Matt Smith. And I like it. I was laughing at the antics of Strax whilst my heart reminded me of my mortality as I tried to see if I could hold my breath as long as Clara and whether I would survive (would totally die in that situation).

So thank you for the episode Stephen Moffat et al. I look forward to many more brilliant episodes to come!


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