What I’m Writing

I have this theory: if I tell people that I am working on a novel, I will write on it more often. Granted this is procrastinating from writing itself, but so is my Netflix obsession (Orphan Black is amazing, by the way).

So I am penning a novel that is the story I feel needs to be told. It has been growing in me for some time, I just need to get through the 80,000 or so words of typing. It is, simply put, about a young pansexual woman with mental health problems (anxiety and self harm) and how she copes after her girlfriend leaves her. Its not necessarily a story that everyone wants to read, but that’s not why I write. I also hope to do my bit in filling the gap in literature that is crying out for more strongly written bi/pan characters.

So there it is, now back to the manuscript. I’m following the logic of ‘write first, edit later’, so hopefully I’ll make visible progress that is greater than the 623 words I have so far managed this week!


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