Manifesto for Getting out of Bed

This week’s Writing Challenge has been set to create a manifesto. A manifesto is, as Wikipedia kindly defines:

a published verbal declaration of the intentions, motives, or views of the issuer, be it an individual, group, political party or government.

So, here it is, my manifesto for getting our of bed. Not a difficult task you say? Au contraire.

There are some of us in this world whose battle with the day starts with the alarm going off in the morning. It blares out that it is 5.30am, and that gives you an hour to be up, dressed and at that bus stop ready for the day ahead. So the first course of action is to leap out of bed and greet the day with vigour, after all, we should start as we intend to continue. Well, for those of us whose life did not lead us in this direction for whatever reason, this is a manifesto to state that I will get out of bed, even on the hardest of days. Because sometimes it is not saying what will be done, but why it needs doing:

  • Life is fragile, and nothing is eternal. Each day is yours to do with as you want, with your voice dominant, and worry silent.
  • You are creative. From the poetry you write, to the cakes you create. And this is worthy of rising.
  • The voice that says ‘you are weak’, is present because you are strong.
  • The feeling that states ‘you cannot’, exists because you can.
  • Failure is not absolute. Nor inevitable. We all fail. We all succeed. There is room for a grey area.
  • Happiness is your right in this world, and it lies beyond the confines of your bed’s four posts.
  • Fear is the energy that will get you through. Wait for the wave and ride it to the end.

I chose ‘you’, not because these do not apply to me, but because they apply to so many people that I know that often struggle to greet the world each day. This is because they are depressed, plagued by anxiety, have chronic conditions such as fibromyalgia, experience bullying because they are different, are not accepted in their families and communities because they are gay, trans* or bisexual. Every single person in the world that I have met is different. Even the identical twins from my sister’s primary school class are not even close to being the same. In order for the people who struggle to greet the day in case it welcomes them not with warmth and open arms but with hostility and hate, I ask all who read this blog post at whatever time in your life it hits you to take a moment to think about the minor difficulties we all face and create a one line manifesto for yourself:

  • I will not deny anyone their existence, and their right to walk alongside me as a fellow child of this Earth.

Because, until those words are understood by every person on the planet, people will continue to lose their way, and to fight with the urges to fall asleep one last time and be done with the world. Life should be the sweetest dessert you’ve ever tasted, not a terror-filled nightmare.



6 thoughts on “Manifesto for Getting out of Bed

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