Crispy Bacon and Maple Syrup Popcorn

Weirdest Popcorn Flavour Ever.

I am in my second month of my Degustabox subscription, and having been away for a fortnight working the Summer Schools at Edge Hill University, I came home to a brown cardboard box that entices me like no other.


Degustabox is a subscription service that basically sends you between 9 and 14 products each month in an exciting brown box. You pay £12.99 for the products in total, and often you receive products that would cost you a lot more in terms of RRP – they even send you the price of each item received.

This month I was not disappointed and received:

Blueberry flavour Hornsby’s Cider x2 (the Strawberry and Lime I discovered a fortnight ago so can’t wait to try this during my Orange is the New Black Marathon next week).

3 flavours of Zeo, and intriguing carbonated drink that I nearly spent my cash on in Tesco a couple of weeks ago. Good job I didn’t, if these are good I also have a half price voucher to use.

Dr Oetker: Eton mess and Violet Crystals. Well… it is Bake Off season!

Maggi seasonings: Piri Piri chicken, Cheesy Chicken and Leek, Beef and Ale and Oriental Soy and Garlic. I’ll have to attempt the Chicken and Leek with Soy or Oat milk to counteract the surprising low amount of lactose, but the recipe calls for 750ml of milk!

Green and Black’s Lemon Dark Chocolate. I am so excited to try this, I am obsessed with Lemon at the minute. Even my chewing gum of choice is citrus.

And 3 flavours of Porlebay Popcorn:

  • Crispy Bacon and Maple Syrup (contains lactose, gluten free)
  • Chilli and Lime (contains lactose and gluten)
  • Sweet and salty (no milk, no gluten!)

Portlebay Popcorn Kracklecorn

The first thing I have dived into is the Bacon and Syrup popcorn. I still don’t know how I feel about them. I am very firmly a Salty person when it comes to such matters, but I’d eat them again. Possibly even buy them for a party. I *may* palm the Chilli and Lime off on someone else as that does not sound like a combination I want to enjoy!

I’m washing it all down with the Zeo Burst, a Peach and Grapefruit flavour. Actually refreshing, but more bubbles than I expected for a “lightly carbonated” drink!

Please note – all images taken from This page is in no way sponsored by the service, I am just in love with the concept, and it knocks Graze out of the box in my eyes! If you do want to join, just click here and you will receive a nifty £3 discount on your first box! Not too shabby!


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