We got an Award!

So I have been President of Edge Hill University’s Feminist Society since January 2013, and before that I was Vice President (from March 2012 when the society was founded). It is my baby, and has taken over my life in so many ways. I have fought hard against the many (oh so many) people that don’t think there is a need to exist by doing photo campaigns, educational lectures, documentary screenings and so on just to try to enact change at the university. And, drum roll please, it has just been announced that we won Best Liberation Society 2013/2014.

It means a lot. Edge Hill is quite apathetic, and I got really emotional when I attended the NUS Women’s Conference last month to be surrounded by so many self-identifying women who felt as strongly as I do about the feminist cause and movement. There are, of course, other societies working just as hard, such as the LGBT+ Society whose work is equally important, and the solidarity on issues such as Gender Neutral facilities which means that (hopefully) our new sports facilities opening in January 2015 will join the Creative Edge building on this front. I have complete faith that whoever it is that takes on the society will continue to do some really good work, particularly in this area, to put Edge Hill in a place where it can honour its founders and early graduates and everything that they worked so hard to achieve.


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