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Female Genital Mutilation Talk

Below is a link to the PowerPoint presentation from the Female Genital Mutilation Educational Talk that I ran on the 25/02/2014 at Edge Hill University as part of the Feminist Society.

Female Genital Mutilation


New Sarah Waters novel in 6 months

I’m an avid reader. As I start to post about my reading more and more it will become clear what I truly enjoy:

Lesbians (or female same sex desire)

Narratives of motherhood




Subversive gender identities


There are other things I enjoy, but it is mainly this kind of thing. Which brings me to my absolute adoration of Sarah Waters. Her newest novel that I have been anticipating for well over a year will be released on the 4th September 2014.

Here’s a quick peek at the cover. It’s set in the 1920s this time, and I am very very keen to see what is inside!

Image from

Prior to the book’s release I will be re-reading and blogging about each of her previous books, starting (where else) with Tipping the Velvet, simultaneously because it was her first novel, in 1998, and I am writing an assignment on it over the next few weeks so I will have a fair few awesome things to share with you all!