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Blue is the Warmest Color

As a treat to myself for getting through the stresses of my research project (so proud of that by the way, can only hope that it gets a good mark!) and my Victorian Poetry exam (total disaster!) I bought myself Julie Maroh’s graphic novel Blue is the Warmest Color. It has received a fair deal of attention in the media due to last year’s movie adaptation and the controversies that came with it, so I figured that I had to read it, and I have enough friends that would love to get their hands on it that it is an essential item for my bulging bookcase!

Clementine is a mesmerising character, who is drawn to Emma, a blue haired, ‘alternative’ woman. Identifying initially as a straight woman, Clementine doesn’t feel the same way about her boyfriend as he feels for her, and the feelings towards the initially mysterious blue haired woman stir up internal confusion, as she struggles to accept that she may not be the “normal” heterosexual teenager that she thought she was. 

Elegant as the narrative is, the artwork is beautiful, especially the way that Maroh presents the pair’s sexual encounters, particularly her use of colour.

I have nothing but praise for the novel. I don’t want to say too much as the life that Clementine ends up taking deviates so far from what she would expect that even an ounce of plot share could ruin the experience. I went in blind, and I recommend any new reader of the book does too.


Hello my final semester!

So I am in my final semester as an undergraduate English Literature student at Edge Hill University. And I am scared!

I’m not going to lie about how I feel about all of this, I am under immense pressure (from myself) to do well, and am at the point at which I need to decide if I am going to do an MA next year, or get a job. My approach to most things is (as ever): why not both? And I’m right, I could do both if I did them part-time. I mean, it isn’t like I haven’t had a multitude of jobs whilst studying:

  • Student Guide (possibly my favourite)
  • Team Member at Mecca Bingo – I have to say, I loved this job, but it was 20 miles away and I don’t drive and the 6 hour turnaround I had each night before uni was just not ideal.
  • Customer Service Advisor for UCAS – This job surprised me. I’m not a lover of phones, but working in a call centre definitely appeals to me now!

I’ve dabbled with Avon, but I couldn’t make it work around everything I wanted to do as a student, and when I became president of my university’s Feminist society roughly a year ago I decided to give it up. Before uni I was a general labourer. Which probably gives me one of the more diverse work experience lists going for a 21 year old.

So, plan’s for the semester:

  • Get ahead on all assignments. As much as possible.
  • Society events – keep them going. What is Feminism?, I need feminism because… and FGM educational (updates of each will be posted on this darling blog!)
  • Submit some writing, pitch some articles and hopefully get published!
  • Get a first. (not a lot to ask really…)
  • Attend MA info session and have a proper think about whether I definitely want to do it and can afford it.
  • Get a job from May so that I can afford rent and food etc.
  • Keep blogging and not neglect this beautiful website – especially the ‘What I’m reading section’, which will be updated with a ‘Countdown to Sarah Waters’ series in which I re-read the entirety of Sarah Waters’ works before her new book arrives in Autumn.
  • Keep making lists.
  • Keep on top of volunteering too:  hopefully become a BeatBullying Life Mentor (I’ve applied, but requested LGBT training, so it may take a while to come through).
  • Polish up on French (near-fluency) and Russian.

I think that is enough for anyone to be getting on with!

Hopefully in a few weeks there will be an update indicating I have achieved something here!