University Challenge

It would seem that my third and final year of being an undergraduate is all about pushing myself to do new things. With the Vodafone 24 Challenge now behind me, the first Shell deadline just over a fortnight away and some really exciting assignment deadlines that feel more pleasure than work it is definitely time to admit that I made it to the Edge Hill University University Challenge team! In fact, I think I “nailed it!”

The results for our team, answering 20 questions as supplied by the BBC were:

Katie Frazer 11

Thomas Devling 7

Joanne Lynn 7

Emmet McKeown 6

and our reserve will be

Daniel Cairns 5


So I think that we all did a great job there! We’re waiting on our first stage activity, which I will update you on at some point this week, but other than that it is time to definitely go grab that hot chocolate in town!


Until then, I will update you with what I am currently reading, which at the moment is Bram Stoker’s 1897 novel Dracula. I’ll aim to not give you some boring stereotypical view of the vampire gothic novel, but hopefully give you some insight into what my research project will be on as well as where my interests lie in terms of gothic literature.


The next book I will be reading is called Florence and Giles by John Harding. It was published quite recently and seems to link heavily with my dissertation topic: The Influence of Henry James on the Modern Ghost Story. So expect a lot on that!


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